White Clay

White Clay has deep-cleansing and astringent effects on the skin. It removes impurities, while providing trace elements and minerals. The purifying, strengthening and calming effects of White Clay are especially beneficial for sensitive skin or skin with superficial blood vessels and redness. The White Clay we use can also be named as Kaolin. Kaolin forms when granite decomposes. In Sweden, there are deposits formed hundreds of million years ago, at the time when Skåne was located at the equator. In the tropical climate, the granite, rich in feldspar, shattered and converted into the clay mineral Kaolinit. Unfortunately, there is no Kaolin production in the Nordic region. Therefore, all of our needs for Kaolin in our products are covered by import.

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Examples of products containing this ingredient

Beauty Starter Set Balance

Price From

SEK 669.00 (ca price)

Beauty Starter Set Gentle

Price From

SEK 639.00 (ca price)

Cleansing Clay

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SEK 59.00 (ca price)

Face Mask Gentle

Price From

SEK 79.00 (ca price)

SPA Ritual Set

Price From

SEK 249.00 (ca price)