Patchouli is a bush-like plant that grows in India, China and Indonesia. From dried Patchouli leaves, we get an essential oil with an intense, sensual scent. In skincare, Patchouli Oil is used for its ability to stimulate cell division in the skin.

Ingredient derived from Patchouli: Pogostemon Cablin (Patchouli) Oil.

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Examples of products containing this ingredient

Beauty Starter Set Moist

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SEK 539.00 (ca price incl. tax)

Deo Roll-On Essential

Price From

SEK 149.00 (ca price incl. tax)

Face Lotion Moist

Price From

SEK 179.40 (ca price incl. tax)

Lovely Mother

Price From

SEK 199.00 (ca price incl. tax)

Royal Body Cream

Price From

SEK 69.00 (ca price incl. tax)

Royal Body Oil

Price From

SEK 249.00 (ca price incl. tax)