Deepskin Organics® by MARIA ÅKERBERG

Vi är ett familjeföretag från Frillesås på den svenska västkusten och Sveriges främsta professionella varumärke inom ekologisk hudvård. Ända sedan starten 1995 har vi arbetat för att göra världen vackrare, en giftfri produkt i taget. Vi vill göra skillnad med riktig hudvård som tar fram den naturliga skönheten och vårdar på djupet för att skapa varaktiga resultat. Det är en filosofi som genomsyrar allt vi gör. Vi kallar den för Deepskin Organics® och den förankrar vårt varumärkeslöfte. I vår egen fabrik tillverkar vi djupverkande hudvårds-, hår- och skönhetsprodukter för en vackrare värld, gjorda på helt naturliga mineraler och ekologiska ingredienser, inget annat. Ren naturkraft från MARIA ÅKERBERG, helt enkelt.

Production and development

Products from MARIA ÅKERBERG are produced by DERMANORD in Sweden. High standards and conscious purchasing guarantee high-quality ingredients from carefully selected growers and suppliers. Since the start in 1995, all products from MARIA ÅKERBERG have complete declarations of content. Following the users' needs and the latest research, we are constantly improving existing and new products, and our ways of working. You can always contact us directly with questions, ideas and concerns. We have a close relationship with our users, professionals as well as final consumers.

Read more about our how we make natural products for skin and hair here.

Market and resellers

We are mainly represented in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland, but we also have resellers in, for example, the USA, the Nehterlands, Spain and Greece. Products from MARIA ÅKERBERG are sold and used by trained, professional therapists and masseurs. To make sure that they have the expertise that our final consumers expect, we provide expert training to all our resellers. You will find them under  RESELLERS in the top navigation bar. 

Are you a health and beauty professional, interested in selling and using products from MARIA ÅKERBERG?  Read more about becoming a reseller here.   

Social and commercial involvement

We at MARIA ÅKERBERG value and support positive initiatives. Therefore, we make an effort to contribute to the development of commercial life in our business area, and in general. But we also endorse individuals and organisations that we believe in, not least in our local community. To us, sponsoring Frillesås Football Club comes as naturally as being a member of International Federation of Societies of Cosmetic Chemists.

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The whole Åkerberg family; Mikael and Maria with their two children Johan and Christina. 

Photo: Kate Gabor Photography

Corporate information

The MARIA ÅKERBERG brand is a property of DERMANORD – Svensk Hudvård AB, a private company owned by Maria and Mikael Åkerberg. The company was founded as a sole proprietorship by Maria Åkerberg in 1995, and it was converted into a private company in 2002. Since then, Maria Åkerberg is both CEO and the person who embodies the brand and the company. The business is constantly growing and developing, and in 2017 Maria Åkerberg was named Entrepreneur of the Year in Sweden.

Maria Åkerberg and Mikael Åkerberg are married and live in Frillesås. The small town by the sea is also home of DERMANORD – Svensk Hudvård AB's headquarters and production.