Information for new resellers

Ten reasons to choose MARIA ÅKERBERG

1. Deep-penetrating nourishments for your skin – developed in a clean and scientific manner by specialists
2. Natural ingredients that are easily absorbed by the skin
3. High quality at a good price
4. Locally produced skincare that contributes to a sustainable development
5. Provides long-term results
6. Organic, nutrient-rich products
7. Protects our environment – both content and packaging are environmentally friendly
8. Health issue – the skin absorbs everything you apply to it, affecting the underlying tissue
9. Sold by professional therapists who also offer individual consultations
10. Only organic and biological content that provides the skin with high quality plant extracts, oils and herbs

What do our resellers think?

”To me, it is an easy choice, after working with several brands before I started my own business. I am very sensitive, but with MARIA ÅKERBERG we get pure, organic skincare products of high quality (and a plus for a beneficial price, but that is not crucial).”
– Carola Hallin, FriskvårdsFokus

“After using Maria’s products for 20 years, we still have new customers who discover the brand and tells us that their skin is finally behaving as it should. We love to recommend Maria’s products, year after year...”
– Christina Backe, Anette & Maries Hudvård

“MÅ is a proven brand, used by therapists and customers for over two decades, which provides the feeling of security. Most plants and oils have been used in skincare throughout history. It is a phenomenal mix of old knowledge and modern skincare and makeup, that easily follow the evolvement. Besides the mentioned reasons to work with MÅ, I can gladly add this; superb service and geographic proximity. MÅ often thinks one step ahead, knowing what we need before we even have thought of it. As a customer, you always feel important. Fast and secure deliveries. A large spread of products in the range. Affordable products that are easily sold. Active and smart in social media. Possibilities to develop through a variety of educational classes. Fine selling material. Follows and starts trends. Strong brand. A great generosity. With time, it becomes even more fun to work with and sell products from MÅ. The brand develops all the time, inspiring me to develop my own work. I got in touch with MÅ after one of my customers recommended the brand. Initially, I got several testers and information. After starting at a small scale, my interest quickly increased. My basic requirement was pure products from the plant kingdom. Everything else is just a plus. We started using products from MÅ ten years ago, and I hope to continue using the brand for several decades ahead.”
– Maria Johanskog, Skogsro Spa

Our demands

To be able to sell products from MARIA ÅKERBERG, you have to perform treatments with the products. Depending on education, you work with different parts of the range. 

An educated skin therapist and spa therapist can order the whole range. 

Utbildad massör, fotterapeut och frisör har begränsad köprätt, vilket innebär att man får lov att beställa alla kroppsprodukter och makeup, men inte ansiktsprodukter.

You can always order facial products for yourself, regardless of education. In those cases, please include the products in your regular order, maximum 20% of the total value. This must be requested when placing your order.

First order

As a skin therapist or spa therapist, your first order must be for at least 10 000 SEK (VAT excluded) in products for final consumers. If you wish to order products for a salon, place them on a separate order. 

Som massör, fotterapeut och frisör krävs det att din första beställning är på minst 500 SEK (exkl. moms).

We are happy to assist you with a list of products suitable for your business. In that case, we need to know the number of products you wish to order, to sell and to use in your salon, as well as what kind of treatment you offer to your customers. Please, contact us by e-mailing

You can also place a test order, before deciding on if you want to become a reseller of MARIA ÅKERBERG. For more information, read below.

Introduction offer

NB This is only applicable for your first order as a reseller.

To a skin therapist and spa therapist placing his or her first order for at least 10 000 SEK (VAT excluded) in products for consumers, we offer a free of charge introduction package. This package includes marketing material and selected product testers at a value of approximately 3 000 SEK.

För massörer, fotterapeuter och frisörer som lägger sin första beställning på minst 500 SEK (exkl. moms) erbjuder vi ett kostnadsfritt intropaket. Detta paket innehåller marknadsföringsmaterial samt testers på utvalda produkter till ett värde av cirka 1 000 SEK.

Test order

If you have not used the products before, but want to be sure you choose a brand that fits your business, we offer you the possibility to place a test order. In that case, you choose what products you wish to try out (from your range), without any demand of lowest ordering value or product amount.

When ordering as a reseller

Place your order in our webshop, by phone or by e-mail. 

Minimum order value is 500 SEK (VAT excluded).

An expense fee of 75 SEK  (VAT excluded)  will be added to orders below 1 500 SEK (VAT excluded)

When placing an order by e-mail or phone, and the order value is below 5 000 SEK (VAT excluded), a shipping fee of 100 SEK will be added. Orders that exceed 5 000 SEK (VAT excluded) are delivered free of charge.

When placing an order in our webshop or when paying in advance, the delivery is always free of charge. 

Educational classes

Ever since the start, in 1995, DERMANORD has been aiming for satisfied consumers, who get the right products for their skin type, recommended by their therapist. This requires high knowledge of the therapists. Therefore, we have high demands on you as a reseller of MARIA ÅKERBERG. 

Mandatory educational classes for skin therapists and spa therapists:
Step 1: Two days basic product class (shall be booked when placing your first order)
Step 2: Cosmetic Chemistry (shall be completed during the second year as a reseller, at the latest)
Step 3: Skin diseases (shall be completed during the second year as a reseller, at the latest)

Obligatorisk utbildning för receptionist, frisör, massör, makeupartist och fotterapeut:
Step 1: One-day basic product class (shall be booked when placing your first order)

Do you have any further questions?

Please, contact us by e-mail or phone.

+46 370 27 00 00