A story about natural skincare

The young construction engineer Maria Åkerberg wants to change careers. She starts training to become a skin therapist, while studying some chemistry on the side. Her next step is to open a skincare salon, with natural, organic products without mineral oil and synthetic ingredients. They turn out to be impossible to find!

Maria's wishes become law

This is in the early 1990s. During this time, ingredient declaration is not required by law. However, since Maria wants to know for sure what she is using on her skin, she thinks there must be other people who feel the same way. There are. And as the years go by, there will be even more of them. Just before the millenium, clear ingredient declaration becomes EU law.

Using what nature has to offer

Ever since growing up in the Swedish countryside, Maria is used to making do with what nature has to offer. When she can not find the products she wants, she creates a small number of products based on her own needs and starts her own company, DERMANORD. A few years later, she renames the brand MARIA ÅKERBERG. 

Maria's husband Mikael is helpful from the start. He eventually gives up his military career to work in the family business full time

Knowledge and  passion

Ever since the start in 1995, Maria is passionate about spreading knowledge about how the contents of skin and haircare products affect us and the environment. Today, people are more aware of this, and the original line of products has grown into a wide range that includes hundreds of products. One hundred percent natural, organic skincare, haircare and makeup.

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