Knowledge and care, from primary product to delivery

Frillesås, on the Swedish west coast, is home to DERMANORD – Svensk Hudvård AB. Here, between salty waves and luscious countryside, all skincare products from MARIA ÅKERBERG are made by our competent and attentive staff. This is also where we develop new products, train resellers and handle all orders and deliveries. And much more.

Development and quality control

As research expands our knowledge and users' needs evolve, we are constantly improving existing and new products and processes. All ingredients are controlled in laboratories before they can be used in our products. And, all products are tested in laboratories and by people before they can be sold.

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Good relationships

Ingredients come from carefully selected farmers and suppliers around the world. We nurture close collaborations with suppliers as well as with the users of our products; skin therapists, hair stylists, makeup artists and final consumers. A couple of times per year, we invite the public to an open house, to show them how our products are made.

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Growing operations

Working with plant-based ingredients requires large-scale stock-keeping. Many ingredients simply cannot be sourced all year round, which means we must keep them in stock in order to secure production and delivery to our customers. 

Ever since we built the factory in Frillesås, demand for natural and organic skincare and haircare has exploded, and we are outgrowing our facilities. Therefore, we are now planning a much-needed extension. Above all, the building needs to be extended vertically, to make room for a 15 metre high automatised warehouse. This automation gives our staff more time to focus on creating added value for the customer.

Durability and datemarking

Product are datemarked – first the month, then the year – if it expires within three years. This date applies as long as the packaging has not been opened. All creams should be consumed within six months of opening. If a product has a life longer than 30 months, as long as the packaging has not been opened, its durability after opening is indicated with the "open jar" symbol (PAO, Period After Opening) and the correct number of months.

No animal testing

We never test our ingredients or end products on animals.  Thankfully, this does not make us unique, as animal testing is prohibited in EU law. Therefore, this is not something you can communicate as an advantage, according to EU regulation No 655/2013: "Claims which convey the idea that a product has a specific benefit when this benefit is mere compliance with minimum legal requirements shall not be allowed." In China, on the other hand, animal testing is mandatory. That is why we have chosen not to sell our products there.

No animal testing also means no allergy testing. Do you know that you are sensitive to a certain substance? Always read the ingredient list and if you have further questions, consult our resellers or contact us directly.

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