Unique treatment with live stem cells from the plant kingdom 

With Pure Cell Treatment from MARIA ÅKERBERG we have taken natural, organic skincare to a whole new level. This is a facial treatment that utilises the nutritious vitality of live Roseroot stem cells; antioxidants and vitamins encapsulated in the plant's cell membrane. The cells are kept alive until the moment when they are placed on the skin. Pure Cell Treatment provides the skin with both immediate and long term results.

Highly intense nutrients at the cellular level

Pure Cell Treatment harnesses the most active antioxidants of the cell nucleus, and triggers a unique restructuring of the skin, supplying the skin cells with highly intense nutrients in a way that has barely been possible before. The skin then gains renewed power to repair itself. The high level of antioxidants in the stem cells provide the skin with instant vitality and lustre, but, most importantly, they restructure the skin long term, at the cellular level. This treatment suits everyone, but the results will be most visible on mature skin.

Effects of Pure Cell Treatment:

• Increases cell renewal
• Makes your skin cells more resilient
• Protects the skin against free radicals
• Stimulates collagen production
• Restructures the skin's protective acid mantle
• Provides lustre
• Accelerates the repair system in the skin
• Increases vitality and elasticity
• Provides both immediate and long term results

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Live stem cells from Roseroot

Stem cells are undifferentiated cells, which have not yet been assigned a special function. This is why they adapt and provide a beneficial effect on all skin types and all skin conditions. The skin's current condition decides how it will use the nutrients from the stem cells to repair itself. Our stem cells are not sourced from animals or bacteria; they are botanical cells with pure vitality from the plant kingdom. 

Roseroot has a long history as a medicinal plant within traditional medicine, thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties and its high content of antioxidants. As a dietary supplement it is used to increase physical and mental performance, and to counteract fatigue, stress and depression.

Many years of research, and inhouse cultivation 

Previously, the idea of using stem cells in skincare was rejected, as noone was able to keep them alive long enough. In addition, cultivating botanical stem cells was considered practically impossible. Our cultivation is the result of a long-running collaboration project originating from research at the Swedish University of Agricultural Research (SLU) in Alnarp. We grow our stem cells in a protected environment tailored to help the cells reach their full potential, with highly intense nutrients.

Pure Cell Treatment suits everyone, anytime

There are no contraindications that certain skin conditions would make the treatment inappropriate. Since our stem cells adapt to the current skin condition, Pure Cell Treatment can be performed on all skin types. It can also be performed any time of the year, whenever the skin needs to be strengthened and revitalised. We recommend a professional facial treatment every six weeks, combined with a good daily skincare routine at home.