Deepskin Organics is in everything we do

The uniqueness of MARIA ÅKERBERG is best summarised with Deepskin Organics. This is our concept for producing real, long-term effects on skin and hair, without damaging or interfering with the natural processes of the body and nature.

With Deepskin Organics you will be sure to get the very best, most effective products, created by specialists in a clean and scientific manner. These products reach deep into the skin to provide it with all the nutrients needed. No artificial ”quick fix” for superficial, temporary beauty.


The natural, long-lasting results that we strive to achieve, require skincare that affects all layers of the skin. Therefore, we choose penetrating, plant-based ingredients with clear effects. In addition, we always recommend a skincare routine that is made up of several individual steps, with several specialised products, rather than expecting just a couple of products to do it all. 

We are often asked if the skin can really benefit from so many products. Oh yes! Since they affect different skin layers, they complement and reinforce each other, provided that we apply them in the right order. 

You see, the skin consists of three layers, each of which is affected differently by different ingredients. By dividing your skincare into multiple products that are applied in a certain order, we create the best possible conditions for each active substance to affect each skin layer. 

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We work only with natural minerals and organic, plant-based ingredients that interact to soften and protect the skin, while strengthening its own functions. All ingredients are fully and clearly declared. We have nothing to hide.

By harnessing the inherent powers of nature's own ingredients, we can obtain long-term, sustainable effects on skin and hair. We also contribute to reducing the damage done by humanity on the very nature that provides us with these beneficial ingredients.

Deepskin Organics skincare routine

When you use MARIA ÅKERBERG, we recommend the following facial skincare products after cleansing and applying toner: 

1) Serum provides water-soluble vitamins and nutrients deep into the skin.

2) Oil restructures the connective tissue and has a naturally smoothing effect. 

3) Cream provides moisture and protects the skin.

4) If your skin is dry, or if the weather is cold and dry, we recommend that you add a balm to restructure the protective barrier and seal moisture in the skin. Mix cream and balm in the palm of your hand, then apply to your face.

The skin needs both moisture and oil, and it benefits most if these are supplied separately, in layers. Then they can interact and reinforce each other. 

You may not need all these layers, all the time. The recommended routine often varies depending on the season, just like clothing. Serum and cream supply much needed moisture to summer skin, while oil and balm protect your winter skin from cold and wind.