Become a part of MÅ Dream Team

With a small team of committed people, we at DERMANORD are producing natural and organic world-class skincare products; MARIA ÅKERBERG. Our products can be found at salons and spas, primarily in the Nordic region, but also at spa facilities around the world.

We share our knowledge 

DERMANORD is a knowledge-based skincare company, whose mission is to, through increased knowledge, make consumers more critical. That is why we share the information about all the ingredients in our products. Your vision of skincare will change.

Do you want to become part of our successful team? We offer an extraordinary opportunity to learn, develop and participate in an exciting experience and a competent team. Check out the job opportunities to see what we are looking for right now.

Possibilities to grow and progress

We are always exploring and trying out new things. Not only to create new, amazing products, but because we treasure research and development. We also believe in our employees’ possibilities of growing. Therefore, we encourage individual passions and interests, that inspire us.

Our committment is our way of moving forward, which leads to joy, well-being and new achievements. Healthy and happy employees are determinant for the entire company to run smoothly. Therefore, we take care of our employees’ talents and want to give them the best possibilities to grow and progress. Apart from contractual wages, we offer flexible working hours, product discounts, retirement funds and health care grants. Not only do we encurage you to exercise, we pay you to do so!

At DERMANORD, we do everything ourselves, without middle men. Not only do we have production and warehousing in Frillesås, we also run sales, marketing, IT and finance from our facilities.

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