Summer Prep Set


SEK 199.00 (ca price incl. tax)

Available on 2019-05-01 to 2019-06-30

Prepare for summer and create a fresh sun-kissed skin with our Summer Prep Set! The effect is created by our mild self tanner Tan in a Bottle and our exfoliator Body Scrub produced in a 100 ml tube for this specific offer. After exfoliating, moisturising and adding colour to your skin you get a fresh look with lots of lustre.

Products included:
Tan in a Bottle 100 ml
Body Scrub 100 ml

Tan in a Bottle is a mild self-tanning lotion for both face and body. It gradually gives you a natural-looking, gently sun-kissed skin tone. Maximum colour is obtained after using the product for 3–4 days in a row. Your actual shade depends on the amount of pigment in your skin. The active substance Dihydroxiacetone (DHA) is a carbohydrate that reacts to oxygen in the air and proteins in the skin’s outer layer (similarly to when you take a bite out of an apple, and leave it until it turns brown). The colour does not penetrate into the skin; it stays on the surface.

Body Scrub is an exfoliator with granules of Apricot kernels and Jojoba Oil. Essential oils of Grapefruit, Rosemary and Cinnamon provide a fresh scent as well as beneficial properties to the skin. Body Scrub removes dead skin cells efficiently, leaving the skin soft and smooth, preparing it for a more even, long-lasting colour when applying Tan in a Bottle.

The offer is valid May 1 – June 30.