Shower & Bath Oil

Item number: 3004-00250

EAN: 7340020101060

SEK 229.00 (price incl. tax)


Shower & Bath Oil is a beneficial oil with Eucalyptus. It is pleasant for both body and soul, adding beautiful shimmer to the skin and keeping it dry and fresh in climates with high humidity.

Shower & Bath Oil contains no preservatives, chemical emulsifiers or alcohol. The oil is partially water-soluble.

Eucalyptus Oil, derived from Eucalyptus leaves, has a fresh scent and antiseptic properties. In warm water, it vaporizes and provides an aroma bath that bring symptom relief during a cold.

Lecithin, from soybean oil, gives the skin extra resilience by sticking to the skin and supplying moisture and fat. It is naturally derived from non-GMO soybeans, without organic solvents or chemical bleaching.

Shower & Bath Oil is also beneficial for skin with psoriasis. The flakes come off more easily and the skin becomes softer.

The product contains natural self preservatives.