Salt Deo

Item number: 3051-00050

EAN: 7340020105143

SEK 99.00 (price incl. tax)


Salt Deo is a non-scented, highly effective and disinfecting deodorant, free from alcohol and aluminium chloride.

The product does not leave any white marks on fabric and its effect lasts up to 24 hours. Its disinfecting effect makes it suitable after shaving, both under the arms and on the face.

Based on tested and true knowledge, Salt Deo consists of Ammonium Alum, a naturally occurring mineral. In Sweden, it was traditionally used as a disinfectant and a haemostatic substance. The deodorising effects have been discovered only recently.

Salt Deo is free from alcohol and aluminium chloride (AlCl). Alum is a naturally occurring mineral compund, which does contain aluminium, but in a form that cannot be absorbed by the body.

The product contains natural self preservatives.