Night Cream


SEK 249.00 (ca price incl. tax)


Night Cream is a moisturising, revitalising night cream for normal to dry skin. For normal skin, it is suitable during periods when the skin feels dry due to seasonal changes.

NB Night Cream makes the skin sensitive to light for a few hours and should therefore only be used at night. Also, at night the skin is less influenced by external factor and more receptive to nourishment.

Natural Lactic Acid (AHA) makes it easier for the skin to get rid of dead skin cells.

The Rosehip Seed Oil in Night Cream contains Vitamin A, which helps renew the skin, making age spots, wrinkles and scars less noticeable. Rosehip Seed Oil also has a firming effect.

Squalane prepares the skin for the Vitamin A in the Rosehip Seed Oil, which is revitalising and treats dark spots.

Self-preserving system.