Home Alone


SEK 449.00 (ca price incl. tax)

Available on 2019-10-25 to 2019-12-31

Gift box filled with one facial exfoliator and two facial masks that will supply gloomy winter skin with a boost of nutrients.

Home Alone contains:
AHA & Jojoba Peeling 100 ml
Face Mask Moist 50 ml
Face Mask Black 50 ml
The products come in a gift box.

AHA & Jojoba Peeling is a mechanical exfoliator for all skin types. The combination of fermented lactic acid (AHA) from sugar beets and small granules extracted from Jojoba oil prevent blackheads and acne, while simultaneously renewing lustre and correcting pigmentation.

Face Mask Moist is a moisturising, smoothing and strengthening face mask for all skin types. It moisturises the skin with different moisture-preserving herbal salts and cold-pressed Jojoba oil. It also contains strengthening Mandarin oil and cell renewing Neroli oil that further enhance the effects.

Face Mask Black is a face mask for skin in need of true deep cleansing. The combination of Activated Charcoal, Jojoba oil, Shea butter and AHA acids makes this product suitable for all skin types, especially when the skin feels stressed and imbalanced. Activated Charcoal works a bit like a magnet that attracts impurities, toxins and excess oil from the skin, while minimising pores, acting soothing and adding lustre.

The offer is valid October 25 – December 31.