Face Mask Trio

Item number: 2210-C0003

EAN: 7340020118617

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Available on 2022-10-25 to 2022-12-31

Face Mask Trio consists of three facial masks suitable for all skin types. Face Mask Clearing has cleansing properties, Face Mask Moist is moisturising and Face Mask More has a firming effect on the skin. Perfect to use when you want to boost your skin with extra nourishment!

Included products:
Face Mask Clearing 15 ml
Face Mask Moist 15 ml
Face Mask More 15 ml

The products come in a gift box.

Face Mask Clearing is a deep-cleansing and astringent facial mask with Silica and Vitamin C, suitable for all skin types. It extracts impurities and has an astringent effect on pores. Face Mask Clearing is perfect for acne prone skin and can make stretch marks less visible. Silica is one of the minerals that are considered most important for the skin. Silica cleanses clogged pores and binds bacteria, grease and impurities. The result is a healthier and more fresh-looking skin.

Face Mask Moist, with essential oils of Neroli and Mandarin, is a moisturising and strengthening facial mask for all skin types. Face Mask Moist strengthens and smooths the skin, by improving its structure. It provides the skin with moisture by using various moisturising herbal salts and Jojoba Oil. Strengthening Mandarin Oil and Neroli Oil are used to speed up the cell renewal and to enhance the effect further. People suffering from citrus allergies may be sensitive to the Mandarin Oil.

Face Mask More is a firming, moisturising and calming facial mask for all skin types, even sensitive skin. It contains extracts from the Persian Silk Tree, Sea Buckthorn Oil and essential oils of Neroli and Frankinsence. Sea Buckthorn Oil and Jojoba Oil provide the skin with moisture and fatty acids. Extract from the Persian Silk Tree’s bark has a firming effect on the skin. Neroli Oil soothes and calms the skin, stimulates cell regeneration and prevents broken capillaries. Frankinsence Oil is strengthening, smoothing and stimulates cell renewal.

The offer is available from October 25 - December 31.

The products contain natural self-preservatives.