Face Mask Moist

Article Number: 1017-00050

EAN: 7340020100353

SEK 299.00 (price incl. tax)


Face Mask Moist, with essential oils of Neroli and Mandarin, is a moisturising and strengthening facial mask for all skin types. People suffering from citrus allergies may be sensitive to the Mandarin Oil.

Face Mask Moist strengthens and smooths the skin, by improving its structure. It provides the skin with moisture by using various moisturising herbal salts and Jojoba Oil. Strengthening Mandarin Oil and Neroli Oil are used to promote cell renewal and to enhance the effect further.

Neroli Oil comes from the flowers of the Bitter Orange Tree. It soothes and calms the skin, stimulates cell regeneration and prevents broken capillaries. This oil is commonly used to soften stretch marks, lessen wrinkles and help damaged skin. It is also mentally stimulating and soothing to the nervous system.

Cold pressed Mandarin Oil, from the peel of mandarins, is a gentle, strengthening and calming oil.

Face Mask Moist contains a larger amount of active ingredients than what is possible in a regular facial cream. The mask therefore provides a treatment-like effect.

The product contains natural self preservatives.