Chocolate Factory


SEK 349.00 (ca price incl. tax)

Available on 2019-10-25 to 2019-12-31

A pre-packaged set with a softening body lotion and an emollient body balm, both with wonderful scents of white chocolate.

Chocolate Factory contains:
Body Lotion White Chocolate 250 ml
Body Balm White Chocolate 100 ml
The products come in a organza bag.

Body Lotion White Chocolate is a luxurious, moisturising body lotion with the delightful scent of white chocolate. It contains a beneficial combination of plant based oils, Cocoa butter and Vanilla extract to help the skin retain a good moisture and oil balance. Derived from cocoa beans, Cocoa butter is a naturally softening ingredient that melts at body temperature and helps keep skin soft and supple.

Body Balm White Chocolate is a luxurious, beautifully scented and softening body balm for dry skin. This oilbased balm locks moisture into the skin and produces silky results. This product also contains Cocoa butter and Vanilla extract, for a delightful, mild scent of white chocolate. Our beautifully scented Vanilla extract is from orchid farms on Madagascar.

Body Balm White Chocolate does not contain water and is therefore much richer than Body Lotion White Chocolate. Together, they give the skin a boost of fatty acids and moisture, which is the ultimate combination to fight dry winter skin.

The offer is valid October 25 – December 31.