Body Therapy


SEK 229.00 (ca price incl. tax)

Available on 2020-03-01 to 2020-04-30

Body Therapy consists of Body Scrub 100 ml that removes dead skin cells and Body Lotion Beautiful 250 ml that moisturises the skin. This combination gives healthy and smooth, lustrous skin.

Body Scrub is an exfoliator with granules of Apricot kernels and Jojoba Oil. Essential oils of Grapefruit, Rosemary and Cinnamon provide a fresh scent as well as beneficial properties to the skin. Body Scrub removes dead skin cells efficiently, leaving the skin soft and smooth. The exfoliator strengthens, firms and activates the skin to help reduce cellulite and water retention. It can also help acne on the upper arms and back.

Body Lotion Beautiful is a softening, moisturising and beneficial lotion with a mild and fresh scent. The combination of plant-based oils, vitamins and Lactic Acid helps the skin maintain a good oil and moisture balance.
Essential oils from Lemon, Bergamot, Orange and Cardamom leave your skin soft and freshly scented.

The offer is valid March 1 – April 30.