Body Lotion Beautiful

Item number: 3006-00250

EAN: 7340020105068

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Body Lotion Beautiful is a softening, moisturising and beneficial lotion with a mild and fresh scent. Counteracts dry skin.

The combination of plant oils, vitamins and Lactic Acid helps the skin maintain a good oil and moisture balance. We use Lactic Acid from sugar beets and Shea Butter from wild shea trees.

Essential oils of Lemon, Bergamot, Orange and Cardamom leave your skin soft and freshly scented. Bergamot Oil soothes eczema and psoriasis. Lemon Oil strengthens blood vessels. Orange Oil is refreshing and purifying. Cardamon is stimulating and invigorating.

As ingredient harvests vary, scent and texture may also vary. Essential oils do not change much, but their scents may be overpowered and ”hidden” behind more powerful scents of other ingredients.

The product contains natural self preservatives.