Blush Refill Magnetic

Item number: 8100-00012

EAN: 7340020116989

SEK 139.00 (price incl. tax)


This is a magnetic refill that can be used in our Magnetic Makeup Case.

Blush Rosy Red is a highly pigmented powder blush in a cool raspberry red shade without shimmer. It is perfect if you want classic, rosy cheeks.

Few makeup tricks work as well as adding colour and lustre to the face with blush. A Blush from MARIA ÅKERBERG will not interfere with your natural skincare. It is plant- and mineral-based, providing beautiful and long-lasting colour while nourishing the skin and letting it breathe.

Our Blush contains a large amount of pigment and only just as much oil and wax as needed. This makes them very ample.

The packaging contains 2,5 g Blush Rosy Red.

The product contains natural self preservatives.