Limited Edition
Limited Edition

Beauty Favourites - A Christmas Calendar

Item number: 2212-C0001

EAN: 7340020118419

SEK 799.00 (price incl. tax)


Beauty Favourites is a Calendar filled with some of our most popular beauty products. It contains five individual boxes filled with facial care, body care and makeup. One product is brand new. A perfect mixture of skincare that is suitable for all skin types!

Enjoy our natural products during the days leading up to Christmas. You can open one box for each Advent or each day, four days before Christmas. It is all up to you! The Calendar contains a fifth box that you can open as a Christmas gift.

Just like the content, the packaging of the calendars is locally produced. The boxes are made from Swedish paper in a Swedish factory and are later filled with our natural skincare.

The Calendar can be purchased starting from October 1.