24/7 Set


SEK 449.00 (ca price)

Available on 2018-10-25 to 2018-12-31

Pre-packaged set with the super duo Face Lotion More and Night Cream More, to keep your skin moisturised night and day.

During daytime, the skin is exposed to stressors like cold, wind and air pollutants. That is when the skin needs a protective cream. Night is the time to restore the skin, and this is when it is most receptive to nutrients and vitamins.

Products included:
Face Lotion More 50 ml
Night Cream More 50 ml

The products are delivered pre-packaged in a cellophane bag.

Face Lotion More is a moisturising and protective lotion for mature skin. Red Clover extract and Rose, Patchouli and Bergamot essential oils restore the skin’s elasticity and vitality. Red Clover contains isoflavones, which protect ageing skin and normalise the moisture balance. Studies have shown that using Red Clover extract on skin stimulates cell renewal. The skin becomes healthier and smoother. Borage Oil and Rosehip Seed Oil, and Rose Otto, Patchouli and Bergamot essential oils work together to provide regenerating effects.

Night Cream More is a nutrient-rich night cream for mature skin that moisturises, counteracts visible signs of ageing and strengthens the skin. Rapeseed Oil and Sea Buckthorn Oil give Night Cream More a luxurious texture and an effective formula. Sea Buckthorn Oil is rich in antioxidants, fatty acids and vitamin C, which makes this ingredient especially well suited for night-time use in order to strengthen the skin’s protective

Face Lotion More and Night Cream More belong to our More product series, which is intended for sensitive, mature skin.

Available for purchase for final consumers Oct 25 – Dec 31.