Winter Must Have
04 December 2019

Makeup favourites that suit all!

Winter Must Have contains three of our most wonderful makeup products: Lip Care Colour Plumberry, Eyeshadow Cold Brown and Eyeshadow Golden Grey.

Lip Care Colour Plumberry is a purplish pink lipstick in a sheer shade with shimmer. Perfect if you are unused to wearing lipstick, but want a touch of colour and definition. Contains mineral-based pigments that provide long-lasting colour and plant-based oils and waxes that nourish and protect the lips. 

Eyeshadow Cold Brown is a cool, dark brown powder eyeshadow with shimmer. Eyeshadow Golden Grey is a warm, light grey powder eyeshadow with golden shimmer. Both are plant and mineral based products that provide beautiful, long-lasting colour, while nourishing the skin and letting it breathe. They contain plenty of pigment and no more oil and wax than necessary. This makes them very ample. 

The offer is valid January 2 - February 29.


For best result, apply Eyeshadow Golden Grey and Eyeshadow Cold Brown with one of our eyeshadow brushes. Golden Grey is beautiful to apply on the entire eyelid and Cold Brown looks wonderful to use in the eye crease. After, apply mascara and one of our Eyeliners.

Apply Lip Care Colour on your lips. Are your lips dry? Apply our lip balm, Lip Care, for extra nourishment and protection before applying Lip Care Colour Plumberry.


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Winter Must Have