Royal Skincare Set
09 August 2019

Royal Skincare Set contains our body duo Royal Body Oil and Royal Body Cream that make the skin strong and resilient. Together, they have an unbeatable firming and softening effect on mature skin, after a pregnancy or great weight loss.

Royal Body Oil is a nourishing body oil with Sea Buckthorn and aromatic essential oils of Neroli, Patchouli and Rosemary, which firm and strengthen the skin. This unique combination of essential oils is usually only used in exclusive face creams.

Royal Body Cream contains the same essential oils as our bestseller Royal Body Oil, with an equally firming effect on the skin. If you want to maximise the result, you can use both products simultaneously, as the oil and the cream work in different layers of the skin.

The products are naturally self-preserving.

The offer is valid from 1 September to 31 October.


Apply daily to the entire body, except in the face where the products are too strong. If you’re using Royal Body Oil and Royal Body Cream at the same time, make sure to apply the oil before the cream.

Royal Body Oil can also be used as an intimate oil to soften dry mucous membranes.


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Royal Skincare Set