Organic Beauty Awards 2016
04 June 2018

Face Lotion More was elected by the people of Sweden as the Best Product of the Year 2016!

Cover Stick was elected by the jury as the Best Makeup Product of the Year 2016.

Hair Style Rough was elected by the jury as the Runner-Up in the category of Best Hair Product 2016!

Explanatory statement Face Lotion More: "The consumers voted for this Swedish made and immediately firming facial cream as The Product of the Year 2016." - Organic Beauty Awards

Explanatory statement Cover Stick: “With an ability to combine sustainability in two ways, this is a wonderful multi-product that is easy to use and that covers most. A true security to have in your vanity bag.” - Organic Beauty Awards

Explanatory statement Hair Style Rough: “The product that easily gives the hair that special texture we all dream about. The feeling of vacation all year long.” - Organic Beauty Awards