New Mascaras!
23 October 2019

Mascara Volume

Mascara Volume Black has a natural formula and effective brush that work together to coat every lash from root to tip, lifting and separating to create a fuller lash line.

Mascara Length

Mascara Length Black opens up your eyes by creating long and beautiful lashes. Its effective formula and smooth applicator enlongates every single eyelash, creating a natural look.


Apply one layer of your mascara for a natural result. For a more distinct, dramatic eye makeup, apply several layers. 

Do not use oil or eye cream too close to the lashes, as it might dissolve the mascara. Apply powder near the eyes; this will help the mascara stay in place.

If the mascara should clump, wipe it off on a clean paper napkin. Do not ”pump” air into the container. If you happen to get some mascara in your eye, it might cause a burning sensation, but it is not dangerous.

Remove the mascara with Eye Makeup Remover or Pre-Cleansing Oil.