New face balms: Face Balm and Night Balm
17 December 2019

You will now find two new balms for the face in our product range, Face Balm and Night Balm. Both are available in 10 ml and 50 ml.

Face Balm suits all skin types, even the most sensitive skin. The formulation is similar to our previous Face Balm More and is perfect to use during the day to protect the skin from dry air and cold winds. The ingredients are carefully chosen for the product to be gentle, making it perfect for all in the family to use. Face Balm 10 ml will be part of all of our Beauty Starter Sets.

Item number: 2058-00010 (10 ml), 2058-00050 (50 ml)

Night Balm is our brand-new facial balm to use during the night. It contains a greater amount of active ingredients than Face Balm which makes it perfect to use during the night when the skin is more receptive to nutrients and vitamins. Night Balm will soften the skin and lock in the moisture that was previously supplied by the night cream used. Apply Night Balm on top of your night cream of choice for the best, possible result. For even more deep-working nutrients, apply a serum and a facial oil from our range.

Item number: 2037-00010 (10 ml), 2037-00050 (50 ml)


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