Glowing Makeup Box
04 October 2018

This luxurious box filled with shimmering products will have your makeup twinkling in the winter darkness! 

Glowing Makeup Box contains bronzer, highlighter, eyeshadows and eyeliners
as well as a lipstick with tons of applications. The products have beautiful, mild colours that suit all skin tones. The perfect Holiday gift for the makeup-lover!

Products included:
Bronzer Sunset
Highlighter Silver Dream
Eyeshadow Shiny Apricot
Eyeshadow Shiny Mocha
Eyeliner Cold Dark Brown
Eyeliner White
Lip Care Colour Pearl

The products in this set is supplied pre-packaged in our Premium Gift Box.

Bronzer Sunset is a powder in a shimmering golden shade. It can be used to create a sun-kissed skin tone, for contouring, and as blush or eyeshadow.

Highlighter Silver Dream is a powder in a cool, shimmering shade. It adds lustre and emphasizes facial features by reflecting light and creating clear contrasts against your foundation and bronzer.

Eyeshadow Shiny Apricot is a warm, apricot-coloured powder eyeshadow with shimmer. This plant and mineral-based product produces beautiful, lasting colour while protecting the skin and letting it breathe.

Eyeshadow Shiny Mocha is a nougat-brown shade with lustre. Contains abundant pigment and minimal oil and wax. It is therefore very long lasting.

Eyeliner Cold Dark Brown is an eye pencil in a cool shade of dark brown. It frames and emphasizes eyes, while helping lashes looking fuller.

Eyeliner White is a white eye pencil for application along the inner lower lash line to make the eyes look bigger. 

Lip Care Colour Pearl is a light lipstick in a cool shade with a pink mother-of-pearl shimmer. Can also be used as a highlighter. Apply over the cheekbones to give your face a little extra glow.

Date of sale: October 25 2018 – January 31 2019. 


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