A Taste Of Liquorice
24 September 2019

Pre-packaged set with conditioner and a combined shampoo and body wash that both have a lovely scent of liquorice.

A Taste Of Liquorice contains:
Hair & Body Shampoo Liquorice 500 ml
Hair Conditioner Liquorice 200 ml
The products come in a cellophane bag.

Hair & Body Shampoo Liquorice is a mild, nourishing shampoo and invigorating body wash in one. Essential oil of Fennel has antiseptic properties and is especially suited for itchy scalps with dandruff. The product can be used daily to wash hair and body, but can also be used as shaving lather and a beard and moustache cleanser.

Hair Conditioner Liquorice is a moisturising conditioner for treated and untreated hair. It detangles hair and leaves it softer and shinier. It also minimises damage by protecting the hair and preventing split ends and broken hairs. Contains Jojoba oil, which has a softening effect, and Fennel oil, with properties that protect against heat.

The offer is valid October 25 – December 31.


Wet hair and scalp and apply a small dollop of Hair & Body Shampoo Liquorice to your hands. Add some water and massage thoroughly into the hair and scalp. Then rinse well and repeat the steps once more (the first wash dissolves impurities and the second one washes clean).

You can also massage Hair & Body Shampoo Liquorice over your body and then rinse to remove impurities.

Use Hair Conditioner Liquorice on wet to damp hair. Apply to hair ends, and the rest of your hair if needed. Then rinse out. You can also use Hair Conditioner Liquorice as a leave-in conditioner by leaving it in the hair ends. This way, you will also protect hair from damage while using a blow dryer and other hot tools.


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A Taste Of Liquorice