When your hair conditioner is not enough
29 August 2017

Regardless of hair type, nourish your hair a little extra once per week. This is especially important if you have a treated or coloured hair, or if you use heated styling tools, which increase the wear and tear. Weather and wind also affect the hair, especially if you live in a city where the air is more polluted than on the country site. In summer, bleaching sun and frequent swimming in the ocean contribute to the wear. Ageing is also a factor; over the years, the hair's ability to keep together its layers decreases.

For healthy and beautiful hair

By using a hair mask on a regular basis, you can prevent wear and damage. Our Hair Therapy is based on fatty acids from Coconut Oil and Jojoba Oil, which both nourish the hair long-term and provide an immediate effect by attaching to damaged areas. The hair regains lustre and becomes softer and easier to comb through. 

The product also contains essential oils of Tea Tree, Lavender and Lemongrass, that soothe and moisturise both hair and scalp.

A regular use of Hair Therapy results in a healthy hair and scalp, which makes the hair stronger.

How to use Hair Therapy

1) Wash your hair with a suitable Hair & Body Shampoo.

2) Apply Hair Therapy in wet or damp hair. Also, apply it onto your scalp for extra moisture.

3) Let sit for 10–20 minutes, preferably in a towel for extra heat. If possible, relax in the sauna or sun while the hair mask works its magic.

4) Finally, rinse off thoroughly. 

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