Self-preserving system, how does it work?
03 January 2018

From the point when a plant is only a tiny seed, it creates a unique protection for itself: A self-preserving system. Does this sound familiar? Perhaps you have seen it in our product descriptions? Quite right, we have borrowed our self-preserving system from nature. It is one of the advantages of using plant-based ingredients.

No synthetic substances

When plants are allowed to grow without any interference of pesticides, they grow stronger and more resilient. By always choosing plant-based ingredients, we avoid using synthetic preservatives in our products. Instead, we continue the work started by the plants themselves, and create a self-preserving system in each product. This also acts as a safeguard to make sure we only use high-quality raw materials. Our ingredients must not contain any bacteria, as that would undermine the self-preserving system. 

Therefore, we use distilled water instead of regular tap water. It is also one of our reasons for not using animal ingredients; they would require more powerful preservatives.

Sustainability and skincare in the same ingredient

We construct a self preserving system in the product. What we use is different for each product. We often use Rosemary since it is a plant with high levels of antioxidants. Each and every product is unique and has its own self preserving system, just like each and every plant in nature.

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