07 October 2019

For every product we manufacture, we pay a recycling-fee. Some of it goes to the recycling centre here in Frillesås. So, when you have emptied each container, please go to the recycling centre and put it in the bin for hard plastics.

To minimise our own carbon footprint, we have taken the initiative to develop new, non-toxic plastic bottles and tubes made of 100% plant-based material from sugarcane. Our bioplastic is completely biologically based and binds four times as much carbon dioxide as common plastic. Incinerating our containers generates water and carbon dioxide only, substances that are consumed by sugarcane. Since the actual process of producing bioplastic also consumes carbon dioxide, the total process is not only carbon neutral; it even uses more carbon dioxide than it generates.

We always strive to find suppliers nearby in order to reduce our carbon footprint. For instance, our bioplastic bottles and tubes are produced in Ullared and Hjo respectively, only 50 kilometres from our Frillesås factory.