Itchy scalp
13 April 2018

Do you have thick hair and suffer from an itchy scalp? 

You may have developed fungus due to the skin on the scalp being encapsuled. Not to worry, we have the solution! 

Never forget that your scalp needs just as much love as the rest of your skin. Exfoliate your scalp with Scalp Scrub Intensive 2-3 times per week, while your hair is dry, to remove dead skin cells and keep your scalp healthy. After, wash your hair with Shampoo Mentha. Always wash twice. The first wash dissolves the dirt and the second washes clean. 

A change in eating habits is needed to keep fungus away long term. Not only should you avoid foods with gluten and dairy, but also fruits, juices, sodas etc. to keep your sugar-intake low.