Get your contouring right on the first try!
22 November 2017

Sculpture your face by contouring

How we experience different shapes are defined by lights and shadows. A flat or protruding surface reflects light and becomes more visible, while surfaces in the shadow are perceived as darker and less prominent. By using bright and dark makeup shades, you can sculpture your face as you wish. This technique is called contouring. 


Cover Stick Nearly Brown, Bronzer Sunset, Foundation Coffee and Mineral Powder Chocolate are a selection of the many products that can create shadows. Apply a line just below the cheekbones, along the jaw line, at the temples and on the top part of your forehead. You can also apply shadows along the sides of the nose, to make it appear narrower and more defined.


Use Cover Stick Nearly Beige, Mineral Powder Sand or Compact Cover Light on the parts you want to emphasize. Apply on the cheeks, on the chin, under the eyes, and from the center of the forehead and down along the nose all the way to the tip. You can also add some shimmer and glow with Highlighter Silver Dream or Highlighter Golden Peach.


Finish off with Blush to add beautiful and healthy-looking colour to your cheeks. Apply blush in a straight line along the cheekbone; this will give the face a lift. Be careful not to apply blush too close to the nose. Place two fingers next to the nostril to block the area where blush should not be applied. 

Odoo CMS - a big picture

Practice with the products

A perfect result requires accuracy and practice. Therefore, take time to try out what is right for your face! At MARIA ÅKERBERG, you will find several products that will help you achieve the same results as the celebrities' makeup artists. 

Products to create shadows

Cover Stick Nearly Brown
Bronzer Sunset
Foundation Coffee
Mineral Powder Chocolate  

Products to highlight

Cover Stick Nearly Beige
Mineral Powder Sand
Compact Cover Light
Foundation Fair
Foundation Ivory
Highlighter Silver Dream
Highlighter Golden Peach