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28 May 2019

Switching from synthetic beauty products to pure, organic skincare just seems right. And inevitable. But it might raise a few questions. Let our founder Maria help to get you started.

Why do I need to make the switch to organic skincare?

When you give the skin natural ingredients that the body recognises and can make use of, you will nourish and reconstruct the skin from the inside out. The effect goes deep within and the results last. Ingredients like mineral oil and silicone may feel good for the moment, but they contain nothing nourishing and they don't do anything for your skin in the long run. Besides, synthetic ingredients are not very kind to your body or the environment. When you wash off the products, the residue goes straight out into our nature. We have to remember the bigger picture. Conscious descisions don't just benefit ourselves!

Where do I start?

Make an appointment with a skincare therapeut that works with an organic agenda and knows the field. You will get a skin analysis that allows you to "reset" your skin and purify it with products adapted to your specific needs. Natural products are very result-oriented and they strengthen the skin's own functions.

What products should I replace first?

It might be difficult to replace everything all at once. Reduce the number of products you use and begin building up a new, natural skincare routine slowly. Remember that it's better to use fewer products than to mix synthetic and organic. Start off by switching your cleanser, facial toner and moisturising cream to organic alternatives. Also, exfoliate the skin with our AHA & Jojoba Peeling to clear your skin from mineral oils and silicone and get it ready to absorb pure, natural nourishment.

Here you will find nearest skincare therapist who works with our range and can help you make the switch! 


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