Cover Stick – our "magic wand"
12 April 2018

Cover Stick easily hides dark circles under the eyes, small red spots or uneven skin. Each pencil features two shades that provide a natural result even on a face without makeup.

Cover Stick is a true multiproduct. To enhance your lips, apply a thin line along the outer edge of the lips. To neutralise your lip colour, apply Cover Stick on the entire lip before applying a lipstick of your choice. Cover Stick also works well as a primer to make the eyeshadow stay put. Apply a suitable shade of Cover Stick on your eyelid and smooth out sharp edges. Then, apply eyeshadow on top. Keep your Cover Stick sharpened, to make sure it always provides the best possible result.

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Cover Stick
Nearly Beige

This is the ”original” Cover Stick, which was named best makeup product at Organic Beauty Awards 2016. 

It is a creamy, highly pigmented and easy-to-apply corrective pencil with two light shades which look good on lighter skin. 
The product melts into the skin, providing a coverage that lasts all day. 

This shade of Cover Stick conceals blemishes and red nostrils with only one application. Can also be used as a contouring highlighter.

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Cover Stick
Nearly Brown

Concealer pencil with two dark tones which look good on darker skin. This is based on the same, price-winning formula as Cover Stick Nearly Beige. 

Can also be used for contouring on a lighter skin tone. To do so, apply a line just below the cheekbones, along the jaw line and on the temples. Make your nose appear slimmer by using these dark tones on the sides of the nose. Smooth out sharp lines with a makeup sponge or foundation brush. Try dampening the sponge/brush with Face Balm for a softer result.

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Cover Stick

Corrective pencil with two shades, specifically designed to neutralise red and blue facial tones. 

This pencil is also based on the same price-winning formula as Cover Stick Nearly Beige, with a creamy texture and opaque coverage, leaving a flawless result that lasts all day. 

Cover Stick Neutraliser is perfect on dark circles under the eyes, acne scars, superficial blood vessels, spots and blemishes.