Autumn makeup
15 August 2018

Glossy lips

In 2017, matte lips were hot. This year, the trend is reversed! Now, you should wear a lip makeup that creates beautiful, shiny lips. This makes our lip glosses and lipsticks perfect to use. For example, Lip Care Colour Burgundy, Lip Care Colour Red and Lip Gloss Sorbet provide your lips with a touch of colour and a whole lot of shine!

Colourful eye makeup

Eyeshadows and eyeliners in green and blue shades are hot this year! If you prefer warmer tones, both yellow and orange can be found among the trendy colours. We have created a makeup palette in three shades, to make it easy for you to create a beautiful, colourful makeup; Sparkling Moonlight. It is a Limited Edition with three shades perfect for autumn.

Always on your lips

Red lips never go out of style. This year, they are even hotter than usual, and comes in all tones; from classic red to darker burgundy. Pick one that suits you!