Night Time


SEK 249.00 (price incl. tax)

Available on 2020-10-23 to 2020-12-31

Night Time contains Night Cream and Night Balm, which protect and strengthen your skin while you sleep. The products are used in combination to provide the skin with plenty of moisture, fatty acids, nutrients and vitamins. Combining these two products help strengthen and rebuild the skin at night.

Included products:
Night Cream 50 ml
Night Balm 10 ml

The products come in a gift box.

Night Cream is a moisturising and revitalising night cream for all skin types. It makes the skin sensitive to light for several hours and is therefore only used at night. The fermented Lactic acid (AHA) in Night Cream makes it easier for the skin to shed dead skin cells. Rosehip Seed Oil, from the seeds of rosehips, contains vitamin A, which helps to regenerate the skin, making hyperpigmentation, wrinkles and scarring less noticeable.

Night Balm is a silky smooth face balm for all skin types. It locks in moisture, protects against external stressors and helps the skin to rebuild at night. Apply Night Balm as the final protective layer in your skincare routine before going to bed. Night Balm contains Sea Buckthorn Oil and essential oils of Frankincense, Neroli and Lemongrass, which strengthen the skin and stimulate cell renewal. It also contains pure Rosehip Seed, Borage and Jojoba plant oils, as well as Squalane from Olive Oil, which increase the moisture content of the skin and improve its resilience.

The offer is valid October 23 - December 31.

The products contain natural self preservatives.