Tan In a Tube
01 April 2020

Tan in a Tube is a mild self-tanning lotion for both face and body. It gradually gives you a natural-looking, gently sun-kissed skin tone. Maximum colour is obtained after using the product for 3–4 days in a row. Your actual shade will depend on the amount of pigment in your skin.

The active substance Dihydroxiacetone (DHA) is a tried and tested substance which has been used in self-tanning products since the 1950s. DHA is a carbohydrate that reacts to oxygen in the air and proteins in the skin’s outer layer (similarly to when you take a bite out of an apple, and leave it until it turns brown). The colour does not penetrate into the skin; it stays on the surface.


Before starting to use Tan in a Tube, make sure you have exfoliated a couple of times during the previous days.

Also, remember that dry skin is more absorbent. To avoid dark patches on extra dry areas, such as knees and elbows, moisturise them with a regular Body Lotion before applying Tan in a Tube. This will help you achieve a more even colour.

Avoid the hairline and the eyebrows. Also, avoid creating sharp edges, by blending carefully between skin areas with and without Tan in a Tube. Do not forget to wash your hands thoroughly afterwards!

It may take up to eight hours for the full effect to reveal itself. The resulting colour will be natural, and you need to repeat the application several days in a row to achieve a proper tan. This color will wear off gradually. Apply Tan in a Tube every three to five days, to maintain the tan.

Careful with your clothes! Do not get dressed until the product has been completely absorbed by the skin.

Tan in a Tube is perishable. Once opened, it should be used up within six months.

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Tan In A Tube