Sparkling Moonlight
17 May 2018

The perfect party makeup in the palm of your hand! Shimmering grey, dramatically dark blue and deliciously hot pink.

Our new makeup palette combines three intense shades that offer attractive makeup looks, ranging from sheer and romantic to smokey-eye dramatic. Sparkling Moonlight features three new shades: two eyeshadows and one blush.

Create a sparkling moonlight party makeup that lasts all night: 

  1. Cover dark circles with Cover Stick Neutraliser or foundation and prime the eyelid with a suitable shade of Cover Stick, to make the eyeshadow last longer.

  2. Apply Eyeshadow Base to set the Cover Stick layer, and to cover the whole eyelid with an even shade.

  3. Use an appropriate eyeshadow brush to apply Eyeshadow Frosty Grey across the whole eyelid. The grey shade adds a festive shimmer. 

  4. Apply Eyeshadow Midnight Blue, focusing on the crease and the outer part of the eyelid, making sure there is enough pigment to blend. Blend by rubbing Smokey Eye Brush horizontally back and forth, along the edges of the applied shade. 

  5. Apply Eyeliner Dark Velvet along the roots of the eyelashes; this will make the lashes look thicker. Apply black Mascara.

  6. Apply Blush Candy in a straight line along the cheekbone, to give the face a lift. Never apply blush close to the nose. Hint: Place two fingers next to the nosewing. This area is no go for blush. Smile, to round the cheek, and apply blush lightly, with small, circular motions.

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Eyeshadow Frosty Grey

This shimmering, light grey shade is perfect for softening a smokey eye makeup, combined with Eyeshadow Midnight Blue. It also goes well with Eyeshadow Shiny Black and Golden Grey from our makeup range.

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Eyeshadow Midnight Blue

This dark blue shade with shimmer looks fantastic in a smokey eye makeup. If you are not going for 
that really dark, smokey look, apply a lighter layer of Eyeshadow Midnight Blue, to achieve a softer shade.

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Blush Candy

This cold, matte blush in hot pink is perfect when you want a more intense shade than Blush Pink. 
For a lighter shade of pink, simply apply a thinner layer of Blush Candy. It can also be used as an eyeshadow.

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Sparkling Moonlight