My First Starter Set
12 December 2018

We are launching a new starter set of facial care products for teens. This set includes everything they need for their daily skincare routine: cleanser, toner and day cream. With the accompanying exfoliator and facial mask, it is also possible to carry out a purifying treatment.

Teenagers experience abundant hormonal changes, and they often manifest on the skin. This could involve pimples, blackheads, breakouts and spots, which unfortunately can be a tough experience for many. It is incredibly important to nourish the skin with nutrient-rich products instead of drying soaps and creams that often make things worse. This new starter set supplies the skin with nutrients that will help to purify it naturally.

My First Starter Set contains:

Foaming Wash Clearing 30 ml
Neroli Freshener 30 ml
Face Lotion Moist 50 ml
AHA & Jojoba Peeling 30 ml
Face Mask Clearing 15 ml
Cellulose cleansing sponge

The products come in an organza bag with an information folder.

Foaming Wash Clearing is a lathering gel cleanser for normal and combination skin that is not sensitive. 
Grapefruit, Oregano, Thyme, Cinnamon and Lavender essential oils also have a purifying and disinfecting effect.

Neroli Freshener is a balancing facial water for all skin types, even sensitive skin. It completes the cleansing process and prepares skin for subsequent products by neutralising water’s drying effects and gently tightening pores.

Face Lotion Moist is a light face cream that provides plenty of moisture and nourishment, for both day and night. It is suitable for normal to dry skin, and as a first face cream for teenagers. The cream contains essential oils of Bergamot, which has antiseptic properties, and Patchouli, which is strengthening and promotes cell renewal.

AHA & Jojoba Peeling is a mechanical exfoliator for all skin types. The combination of fermented Lactic Acid (AHA) from sugar beets and small granules extracted from Jojoba prevent blackheads and acne. Jojoba granules are the perfect shape and size for gently removing dead skin cells without irritating skin.

Face Mask Clearing is a deep-cleansing and firming facial mask that “absorbs impurities” and has a pore-tightening effect. Applied after AHA & Jojoba Peeling for the best results. Face Mask Clearing is also excellent to apply to problem areas, even if it may sting slightly. If needed, apply the mask where needed several times daily. NB Do not use in sunlight.

The cellulose cleansing sponge is made of cotton, linen and wood fibres and is recommended for facial cleansing. Rinse after each use. Machine wash at 60° if needed.