Magnesium Oil
27 February 2019

Magnesium Oil is a mineral supplement in spray form that is suitable for everyone, but especially for people with a magnecium deficiency. The product consists of Magnesium plus filtered and concentrated water. The mineral is quickly absorbed into the skin thanks to its liquid form restoring magnesium levels and improving well-being.

You cannot overdose as the skin never absorbs more than it can manage. Magnesium Oil is easily absorbed into skin and therefore enters the body faster than a supplement tablet. 

The most common cause of magnesium deficiency is a poor diet which can affect and impair muscles, the digestive organs and the immune system. Too little magnesium in the body can reduce the ability to concentrate and in some cases even cause trouble sleeping. Signs of a magnesium deficiency may vary, but the most common symptoms include migraine, restless legs and twitching at the corners of the eyes.


Spray 5–10 times on the desired area of the skin (such as the legs, arms, stomach, neck or back). You may experience a tingling sensation on the skin, which is completely normal. Apply a MARIA ÅKERBERG body lotion of your choice afterwards to further speed up absorption of the oil. Use daily or as needed. 

Note! Avoid the eyes, face and other sensitive areas. Discontinue use in case of prolonged skin irritation. For external use only.

Magnesium Oil is safe to use during pregnancy and when breast feeding.

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Magnesium Oil