Hair Spray
22 January 2019

Our hair spray has a new formula that widens our range further. We have added salt to the content to improve hold and an even more lasting hairstyle. 

Hair Spray covers each strand of hair and provides hold and shine. It contains protective Aloe Vera and nourishing Jojoba Oil. Petitgrain essential oil from the Bitter Orange tree has a balancing effect on the scalp. 

Hair Spray contains no CFC’s, preservatives, acrylamides, synthetic fragrances, silicone or mineral oil. The product is very economical as it contains more active fluids than a spray with aerosol propellant. 


Damp hair: Spray into the hair (roots and lengths) and use a blowdryer to add volume. Do not spray too much if your hair easily gets greasy.

Dry hair: Spray at least 30 cm from the scalp to add volume.

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