10 November 2020

Year 2020 has changed us, both how we handle everyday life and what we value. We have been adjusting to current circumstances and restrictions. Many of us have had to wear protective gear to be able to perform our jobs and that has had consequences. Chafing may occur from both visors and face masks and many have seen an effect on their skin. A new word has arisen, we call it maskne.

Impact of visors and face masks on the skin

Visors and face masks create an enclosed environment for the skin, making it warm and moist. That is no problem if you are waring your face mask for shorter periods of time, for example when you are shopping or having a doctor’s appointment. But, if you are wearing a visor and face mask all day, then you may notice a difference in your skin. Your skin may become irritated and spots and bumps may arise. Friction may also arise which can harm your skin barrier, making it possible for germs and dirt to enter into the skin. Germs thrive in this type of warm, moist environment. You may also experience chafing behind the ears from the elastic band of face masks.
If you previously have had acne, rosacea, perioral dermatitis or contact dermatitis, then you may experience your skin getting worse when wearing protective gear over your face. 

How to best care for your skin when wearing visors and face masks

Most important is to keep your skin clean and well moisturised. Start your skincare routine with a gentle cleanser. Our cleansing creams Cleansing Clay and Olive Cleansing are mild and gentle and will efficiently remove impurities and makeup. Cleansing Clay, containing mineral rich and balancing White Clay, is suitable for all skin types, especially sensitive skin. Olive Cleansing contains cold pressed Olive Oil that dissolves impurities and makeup. It is best suited for dry, sensitive and mature skin. After cleansing, drizzle one of our Fresheners over your face (choose which kind according to skin type) that restores the skin’s pH-balance and prepares it for subsequent products.
To keep your skin in good condition, it is important to supply moisture and nutrients. A skin lacking moisture may crack, letting germs bite and thrive.

Choose a day cream according to skin type to protect it from external stressors. To protect it even more, apply Face Balm on top to seal the skin.

Purify and eliminate dead skin cells with one of our exfoliators, one to two times per week. Papaya Peeling is both a mechanical exfoliator and an enzyme exfoliator that dissolves blackheads and moisturises dry skin. It is suitable for even the most sensitive skin, but not skin with rosacea. AHA & Jojoba Peeling is a mechanical exfoliator that dissolves blackheads and acne. It is suitable for all skin types.

Tips and advice

Preferably, use makeup from MARIA ÅKERBERG that will supply nutrients and let your skin breathe. It will not make the maskne worse.

Use At Home Treatment Clearing to prevent blackheads and treat spots and bumps. Face Mask Clearing can be used as a spot treatment.

When suffering from very dry skin, use At Home Treatment Moist that will boost your skin with moisture and nutrients.