All Day Balm – All Day Long
23 August 2018

Magic in a jar!

You have not forgotten about our All Day Balm, have you? The product is formerly known as Foot Balm. The content is still the same, but now it comes in a smarter package. This makes the balm easy to apply and convenient to carry with you, in your pocket or handbag.

All Day Balm is a multifunctional balm, to use in many different ways. With its rich content of Beeswax and Geranium Oil, it can be used on dry skin all over the body. This product should be in every medicine cabinet. It is an All Day Balm!

Use All Day Balm to:

  • Heal cracked heels
  • Soften and nourish dry lips
  • Soothe red cheeks in wintertime
  • Help to treat eczema
  • Soften dry baby skin
  • Soothe irritated skin and redness
  • Treat newly tattooed skin
  • Soothe rashes caused by an allergic reaction

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